Services Offered

  1. Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries
  2. Evaluation and Treatment of Knee Injuries
  3. Evaluation and Treatment of Minor Wrist and Elbow Injuries
  4. Surgeries including: Shoulder/Knee Replacement; Rotator Cuff Repair; and Other Orthopedic Procedures
  5. Aspirations and Injections

Dr. Kevin Paisley is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and is one of Alaska's only shoulder fellowship-trained surgeons. His specialty training and research interests include complex shoulder and elbow joint replacement surgery as well as arthroscopy, fracture care, and shoulder and elbow revision surgery. 

He has additional expertise in sports medicine, orthopedic trauma, as well as hip and knee arthroplasty. Dr. Paisley is currently accepting new patient appointments for the evaluation and treatment of shoulder, elbow, and knee disorders.

Alaska Shoulder & Orthopaedic Institute LLC

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